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Have been in the entertainment business for over 10 years now. In that time I have learned to manage many talents. Everything from Social to Technical.

There is a phrase, "Jack of All Trades, Master of None." thats where I live. Todays world, you don't have time to master any new tech skills, they get replaced so fast. I find a system that works, replace pieces as they get outdated. It has worked so far.

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Technical Engineer Lake Orion, MI
The "Fix My Computer" Guy. Lake Orion, MI
Creative Tech Lake Orion, MI
Web design Lake Orion, MI
Realtime Graphic Minipulationist Lake Orion, MI
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New Interest is my 1 yr old Boy. I am sure he was sent here to drive me Insane. He gets that from his Mother...

Computer Hardware/Mod, High end Projection Systems, Pro Lighting, Sleeping(Rare), Inter-steller Discoverys, Earth History, Gummie Candys, Swimming, Hiking, Kareoke,

There are others, they just dont seem interesting right now.
Adam M is located in Lake Orion, MI and has the following skills: Technical Engineer, The "Fix My Computer" Guy., Creative Tech, Web design, Realtime Graphic Minipulationist
Computers / IT, Video Gaming, Art / Creative, Communications, Internet / Web
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My Skills

Technical Engineer

Category: Communications
When large amounts of people have to get together, there is an element that needs to be brought to the table. Sound, Lights, Set, Projection... Speaker Support. I do everything from Concerts to Stockholder meetings. These types of groups require a dedicated, skilled team that simply performs the impossible, everyday. The reason I say that, If you tell them it cant be done, they dont care, they were not listening. Get it done...
Relevant Education / Credentials
Most of the tech is made specificly for out market. We get the training as well as the bugs. There is a term for that, ah yes, Guinea Pig. Other than that, this type of work is not taught in any conventional schools. You learn the right way fast, or you flip burgers. No excuses, no second chances...Good Luck.
Years Experience: 10

The "Fix My Computer" Guy.

Category: Computers / IT
I hate this job. Mostly, The only way anyone notices you, is when they hate you. Most of the time, its not even the IT guys fault.

They like you when they dont know how to do something, unfortunatly, they dont care to learn either. Just you do it, let me know. People like this, I like to stand over their shoulder and tell them what to type. This way takes more time, but in the long run, they only contact you when its serious.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I had tech training out of high school. For the most part, its all obsolete. Now Its just learn the best you can. Even if it means to pay for short term training. Which I do from time to time.
Years Experience: 5

Creative Tech

Category: Art / Creative
I have been using Photoshop before there were Layers. Micrografx was the standard then. Now most of my work happens in CS3. With a total turnkey suite, there is no limit. Having a production company at my disposal, my only real limitation is the time I dont have.

The jobs include, but not limited to, Powerpoint creation, 2d/3d design, Print Design, High end animated layered Graphic/video creation, prospect proposals for new business.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 8

Web design

Category: Internet / Web
I have low tech skills in the creative side of this field. The background machanics such as Hosting, Porting, Structuring, security. Those are what Ive needed first. I havent had the need to design a major webpage yet. Once I do, Ill learn the too.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 3

Realtime Graphic Minipulationist

Category: Video Gaming
Not so much a skill, rather a past time.
Relevant Education / Credentials
ahh, can you say, ColecoVision... "Your Vision is Our Vison"
Years Experience: 25