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I have 40 years of experience with Teaching/explaining understanding of attitudes! skills in Lebanon, OH. I also have 48 years of experience with Speed volunteering skills.
My education and credentials include College and studying attitudes 40 years!.

Profile Summary:
Teaching/explaining understanding of attitudes! Lebanon, OH
Speed volunteering Lebanon, OH
My Skills

Teaching/explaining understanding of attitudes!

Category: Non-Profit / Volunteering
Study the dictionary words: good/bad and then you will better understand the implication of attitudes in your life!
Relevant Education / Credentials
College and studying attitudes 40 years!
Years Experience: 40

Speed volunteering

Category: Communications
Helping a person across the street.
Opening a door for someone
Going to the store for someone, without their asking.
Taking clothing to a shelter.
Visiting/helping mental health residents
on, on and on!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 48