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I like to teach Chinese language and culture!

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Teaching Chinese New Windsor, NY
Chinese culture and customs New Windsor, NY
effective and creative teaching methods New Windsor, NY
My Skills

Teaching Chinese

Category: Language / Translation
Optimum learning environment;

Highly interactive teaching style(hands-on activies, games, and role-play, etc.);

learning langauge in meaningful cultural context rather than rote memory;

Tailor the curriculum to individual students based on age, interests and specific needs.
Relevant Education / Credentials
rich experiences in interpretation and translation; gratuate studies in applied linguistics.
Years Experience: 17

Chinese culture and customs

Category: Culture / Tradition
It is impossible to truly master a language without understanding its culture. I will integrate the tips for important Chinese cultures and customs into my teaching in order for you to truly understand Chinese people and their ways of doing things.
Relevant Education / Credentials
M.A. in Cultural Anthropology
Years Experience: 3

effective and creative teaching methods

Category: Education
Yes, learning Chinese can be fun! Based on the scienticaly tested learning theories, I create my own curriculum JUST FOR YOU! I will find the right interface between your natural passions with Chinese language. It will be more than informative! It will be INTERESTING!
Relevant Education / Credentials
7 years of teaching experiences
Years Experience: 12