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Hi Everyone,
I'm Stephen Finch from Sydney, Australia.
I am married to a wonderful lady from Mississippi and we live in Starkville.
I have been involved with music for many years, and enjoy sharing what I know with other. I am also a food engineer, who loves to take company waste and make value added products for them.

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teacher Starkville, MS
Food Science Technician Starkville, MS
More About Me
Music is my passion. I have been doing music for many years and want to teach and share the knowledge I have gained throughout the years.
I also love the outdoors, animals, fishing, camping
Work Experience:
I have been involved in Ethanol, Di Methyl Ether and Butanol for over 15 years including, working as Supervisor at Manildra Australia for 12 of those years/
I have done work for US energy and other Ethanol plants designing new products and processes from DDG and WDG.
I designed a method to extract ethanol without the use of distillation and put a patent pending on the process in 2006 I have a small pilot plant to carry my process as well as making Butanol from the same process.
Present –2003 Consultant to the Food Industry USA(Value Added Foods and ,Fuels HI)
Designed Ethanol Extraction Process without the use of distillation (pilot plant presently under construction)
Developed a new banana fiber from the waste of green banana
Developed dietary fiber utilizing tropical fruit that does not lose its Nutritional Value
Developed pectin utilizing the waste from coffee production
as well as, decaffeinating the coffee using it’s own waste
Developed the Worlds First Fat replacement from ripe banana
Designed the process for Catfish Gelatin

Please look at my website.
Food Engineering in Australia
I have gained valuable hands-on experience over many years.
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stephen Finch is located in Starkville, MS and has the following skills: teacher, Food Science Technician
Consulting, Music
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Category: Music
Stephen Finch
Singing Teacher and Fundamentals Studies
Learn stage presentation, voice, song writing, microphone technique, how to speak to media,
And how to manage fans

As a qualified teacher, Stephen has been involved in music for decades and also has interests in sports and athletics coaching.

He has an indigenous background, and has seen incredible changes in the music and culture of the Native American.

A composer of “Olympic Dreams” for the 2000 Olympic Games and judge at Tamworth for over 10 years, Stephen is well connected in the music industry.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Achievements and Qualifications include: • Songwriter of the year at the Tamworth Country Music festival. • Judge at the Tamworth Country Music festival for more than 10 years. • Four years semi-classical vocal at the Parramatta Conservatorium of Music. • Teacher of singing and stage presentation, both country and classical. • Music composition for several musical instruments. • Plays 13 musical instruments. • Wrote two of the songs for the 2000 Olympic games and received a letter of congratulations from the Prime Minister of Australia. • Written and registered 17 songs and won several awards for song writing.
Years Experience: 20

Food Science Technician

Category: Consulting
We have kept all its nutritional value and made an excellent dietary fibre.
Guava, Mango, and Papaya. All three of these tropical fruits are excellent sources of the cancer-fighting antioxidant vitamin C: guava, 275 percent; mango, 90 percent; papaya 313 percent. For cancer-fighting fibre in the form of pectin, guava has the greatest amount, with mangoes and papayas not far behind.
We have a process to extract the fibre and pectin from tropical fruit keeping the nutritional and anti-oxidants in the fibre and pectin.
We have a process to extract the fibre and pectin from tropical fruit keeping the nutritional and anti-oxidants in the fibre and pectin. Below you will find a List of Some Fruits that we work with on a Regular basis:
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 20