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Professional Tattooist. Been in the business for 5+ years working in various studios in NY,NJ,PA.

I am currently looking for new clients and I am willing to host or set up parties. Anyone who can setup a "Party" will be compansated with either money or tattoos.

I am not a beleiver in tattoo parties per say, but due to the current economic situation, I need to do anything I can to gain new clients and provide quailty affordable work. Please contact:

Cell: 732-887-0663
Home: 856-208-1068

Profile Summary:
Tattooist Runnemede, NJ
My Skills


Category: Art / Creative
5+ years Experience
American Traditional
Japanese Traditional
Black and Gray
Custom Work
Great Flash art to choose from
***No full on realism at this point***
Relevant Education / Credentials
OSHA Health Certified Blood Born Pathogen Certified
Years Experience: 5