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I offer a private studio or if you want mobile service I will come to you. YOUR CHOICE!

My name is Aaron and I own and operate a mobile tattooing business. I offer tattoos at 50% of what you would pay in a shop. Since my overhead is small I pass that savings onto my customers. My rates are from 45 an hour to 70 an hour depending on the style of work. Why pay twice as much in a shop when I will come to your home for half the price!

I do all different styles of work including color, black and white, and also ultraviolet (only shows under blacklight).

I have worked in shops and have around 7 years of tattooing experience.

I use all professional equipment. I never re-use any needle bars. Everything I use is all disposable.

I pride myself in promoting a neat, clean, fun tattooing experience for all of my customers.

* FREE! Private one on one art consultation to work out your specific design.

* Hospital Sterilization. Professional autoclave. One time use on Needles.

* Relaxing no rush atmosphere, where we can take as many breaks as needed. (You will get all of my attention. VS. A busy, loud tattoo shop environment)

* Thousands of designs to choose from or to gain an idea for your custom piece that I will draw up for you if need be.

* FREE! aftercare ointment for healing process.

Give me a call at 760 532-0360 or email me at for all questions and tattooing needs..


Have a great day and GOD BLESS....

Also- If you want to see MORE OF MY WORK goto:

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