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I'm just a college student at the moment pursuing a career in the Art field. I'm in the process of getting a degree in Art Education but I'm not positive thats what I want to do in life. I'm actually considering finding a tattoo business somewhere that will take me in as an apprentice some time in the future, but I hear thats pretty difficult to do. I'll make it happen though, even if its a little sketch hole in the wall tattoo parlor somewhere (as long as they're clean of course) Paid, unpaid, I dont care, I just want to get in there and get the experience to maybe use my skills in something I would truly enjoy doing. For now, however I just like taking the unclear sketchy beginnings of ideas that people have floating through their heads and making them a solid reality so that they will hopefully be ballsy enough to get my artwork permanently engraved on their body =]

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Tattoo Illustrator Pennsauken, NJ
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Drawing, painting, running, music, just living<3
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Nothing relevant to what I'll be doing in the future: Life gaurd, Chuck E. Cheese party hostess (I bring the party =]), Phone operator, day care assistant teacher (that ones somewhat relevant I guess), restaurant hostess
High School graduate going into my 2nd year as an Art Education major at RU.
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Christy M is located in Pennsauken, NJ and has the following skills: Tattoo Illustrator
Beauty / Style, Art / Creative, Non-Profit / Volunteering
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Tattoo Illustrator

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I will take any general idea you have for a tattoo that you may be interested in getting and come up with as many different drawings as I can. I love to do this, however others ideas are the inspiration that I need to do so. I don't expect any compensation other than the credit for my drawing and if you end up getting the tattoo done, It's also pretty sweet if you send me a picture so I can see how the final product turns out and add it to my collection. Hopefully one day I can apprentice and become a tattoo artist and you all can say you got my tattoos before I was big and successful =]
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Currently in the process of getting a BA in fine arts and a degree in Art Education.
Years Experience: 3