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Jace Hoppes holds a Bachelor of Arts from Millikin University in Comparative Religion and Philosophy. Jace has spent the last 20 years diligently researching and teaching Esoteric Arts including extensive study in the Tarot and its many related mysteries. His deep interest in the Esoteric Arts has lead him through many paths of initiation and a deeper understanding of Divinity through various forms of Divination. Jace is involved in many Esoteric traditions and is a certified Ruach Healer and Spiritual advisor.

Jace offers the highest quality training through one-on-one productive and meaningful sessions providing the learner with hands-on and theoretical knowledge in a short period of time with little effort and in a postive way.

His background includes psychic readings, with a love of, and experience in training and teaching adults. His educational and work background also includes small business and people management, counseling, consulting, and Spiritual coaching.

His professional training covers all aspects of working with the tarot and also advice is given on setting up a professional tarot practice - you will be provided with all the necessary tools and knowledge to start a new career with the tarot!

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Tarot and Intuitive Reader Old Fort, NC
Ruach Healer Old Fort, NC
Medium Old Fort, NC
More About Me
In addition to the obvious esoteric interests, I am a musician and artist continually striving to find new mediums of expression. I study theoretical physics and mathematics for fun, and I am always continuing my studies of religion and philosophy.
Work Experience:
He spends his time teaching classes, seminars, and workshops on various topics such as: achieving mental focus, developing a positive mental attitude, and exploring various spiritual modalities including Egyptian Spirituality and Spiritual Alchemy. Jace uses a combination of psychology, NLP, mentalism, and theater to create a stimulating environment in which to impart whatever message you may wish.
BA in Comparative Religion and Philosophy with emphasis in Psychology from Millikin University.
Certification from the International Light and Healing Center as a Tarot Reader and Instructor
Certification from the International Light and Healing Center as a Ruach Healer and Instructor
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Jace Hoppes is located in Old Fort, NC and has the following skills: Tarot and Intuitive Reader, Ruach Healer, Medium
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My Skills

Tarot and Intuitive Reader

Category: Services
Divination is a tool that has been used throughout history to help people to better understand the world around them. The systems of Tarot, Astrology, Palmistry, Dream Interpretation etc. are all fashioned to this end through finding access to the subconscious mind. What I offer is a means for you to use this tool. I offer readings based on any of these methods and many others including intuitive readings that have no intermediary implements. All personal readings are completely confidential, and all group readings are completely confidential within the confines of that group.

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Relevant Education / Credentials
20 Years of Reading Experience 8 Years of Teaching Tarot and other forms of Divination Certified Tarot Instructor for the International Light and Healing Center. BA in Comparative Religion and Philosophy with an emphasis in Psychology
Years Experience: 20

Ruach Healer

Category: Services
The Ruach Healing Method is a system of healing that uses a combination of time honored mystery schools as codified through the Golden Dawn system. This is a safe, no-touch method of energy healing using the concepts of the Tree of Life and the Emerald Tablet of Hermes to provide a means for the body to actually heal itself.

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Relevant Education / Credentials
Certified Ruach Healer Certified Ruach Instructor
Years Experience: 7


Category: Services
I offer many possibilities in the realm of séances. I can make your séance experience as spooky or as pleasant as you would like. I offer séances that are purely theatrical and entertaining, and I offer genuine séance experiences to those would like to see what it is really like. I can create a "haunted" environment for large corporate events and I can hold very personal one on one séance readings.

What I will not do is intentionally call upon departed loved ones! I do not feel that attempting this is healthy to the participants who are still among the living. Within the context of a genuine séance, if someone is supposed to feel a connection with a particular energy or thought form, they will.

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Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10