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I have 11 years of experience with Targeted Fat Loss--6 Mo.100% Moneyback Guarantee skills in Wake Forest, NC.
My education and credentials include Genetic Key Certified Coach.

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Targeted Fat Loss--6 Mo.100% Moneyback Guarantee Wake Forest, NC
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Targeted Fat Loss--6 Mo.100% Moneyback Guarantee

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Moneyback Guarantee? What do you have to lose? Nothing but fat!


OsoLean™ Fat Loss Technology orchestrates your body’s burning of fat vs. lean…beginning with those unwanted belly bulges.

When our human body loses weight, the natural response is to burn fat to lean in equal ratio: 1 to 1. This means, every time we lose 10 lbs., we are losing 5 lbs. of fat and 5 lbs. of lean. When we gain the weight back, virtually all of it is fat! Clinical trial studies (2008) showed those using OsoLean™ had almost a 3:1 burning of fat to lean tissue. Those on placebos actually lost as much—and in some cases more—lean muscle than fat tissue.

"The OsoLean™ Plan was exciting because here was something I could really do and a way to do fat loss, not necessarily weight loss… I did it properly twice a day, 20 minutes before eating and I actually have control of that. It works. It worked quite well. I lost about three-and-a-half inches around my belly in about six weeks."—Robert Hooper

"I have been on the OsoLean™ Plan for eight weeks, and I started immediately noticing that I was getting smaller and my clothes fit better. It was just an incredible feeling that I could have the figure I had when I was very young. I lost five inches in my midriff, and I lost inches in my bust and inches in my hips. That's pretty exciting."—Carolyn Hough

I help you create the lasting health you want for yourself and help support you to achieve it.

Sue Robinson
GKCC--Certified to educate in Diet Wellness
Relevant Education / Credentials
Genetic Key Certified Coach
Years Experience: 11