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Tantric Massage

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Services available to Women, Men, and Couples I am a 27 year old 6'3" male with an average build. I provide services to all surrounding areas of boyertown by 40 miles. I am available for work during daytime hours to help start your day off right and I come to you. If you are interested please send me your first name, and a contact phone number or email

There are lots of fun things we can do. We can start off with a regular massage and work into a deep tantric sensual massage. I use oil to massage you, taking my time. I provide a quality massage. My hands glide across your body building to firm circles and long feathery tickles... You can feel the stress leaving your body as I work out any tension. At the same time you feel your suspense building. Light feather TOUCH begin replacing the firmer massage TOUCH. My finger nails gently touching....slowly moving along your inner thighs to those sensitive places. I gently caress the most sensitive parts of your body. I begin using different parts of my body to add to your pleasure… from my arms to my... You can feel my body graze your back as I lean over you… I can hear your breath getting heavy and I begin to get excited myself. Your hands reach out and you run them up and down my firm legs.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5