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Category: Nature / Animals
My name is Joaquin Ibarra, or Jack for short. I worked for some time at a locally owned pet shop, cleaning fish tanks, terrariums, and aviaries. And now I’m offering my services to you! On average, I can offer lower rates than the professionals, for the same quality of work!
For fish tanks, I offer a full cleaning, which includes cleaning the glass and also draining the waste from the gravel at the bottom, therefore, doing a partial water change which is beneficial to maintaining a healthy and clean fish tank. If your fish look a little under the weather I can help diagnose your problem, help you fix it and even help test your water for pollutants or other dangerous chemicals. I do aggressive and community, unfortunately I do fresh water only :(. You provide the water I provide the service! Price depends on size and condition of tank, and type of service.
For terrariums, if you have an aggressive reptile you just can’t seem to get out of his seemingly impossible tank to clean? No problem! Snakes and lizards, ill get them out and clean their living space, making a healthier and happier pet. Maybe your bored with the way your current set up is, well your in luck I can help you with that too! Price depends on size and condition of tank, and temperament of your pet.
Have a large aviary, that you need cleaned I can do that too! Price depends on size and condition of the cage.
So if you need help or just can’t find the time to do work on your tank or cage, let me know. I understand were in a recession and everyone is low on money, but so am I! So I’m sure we can work something out within your budget just give me a ring (619)274-0956 ask for Jack.
Thanks and I hope to hear from you to clean your pet’s living space to make them happier! :)
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