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I am currently employed as Kitchen Manager and Sushi Chef during the summer at Black Sushi House on the southern coast of Maine. I got my start as a busboy years ago and have held just about every position in the Bar and Restaurant Industry.
I travel and work special events during the off season.

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Sushi Chef/Bartender Ogunquit, ME
Tree Climber Ogunquit, ME
My Skills

Sushi Chef/Bartender

Category: Hospitality
It is my opinion that the best experience any customer will have is when the hospitality crew works as a team. I may be skilled at tending bar or a Sushi Chef but I am only as good as the Hostess, Dishwasher, or Waiter. I have found myself having to fill all of those positions at a moments notice, sometimes more than one at a time. It is all part of the job when working in the Hospitality Industry.
Relevant Education / Credentials
ServSafe®Certified I have had wonderful training from talented chefs and bartenders but I believe I can learn something from just about anyone. Keep an open mind, ask questions, pay attention, with these simple steps I will keep learning and getting better.
Years Experience: 15

Tree Climber

Category: Skilled Trade / Crafts
I grew up in Virginia Beach. We got hit with hurricanes on a regular basis. I learned the trade, Apprenticed, Started my own Company. Now I usually only go into disaster areas where the work is from sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week but usually we we finish in 2-3 months.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Renaissance Tree Works (Katrina) Crowder Gulf (Charlie) D & L Tree Service (Isabell)
Years Experience: 10