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Surfboard shaping/building

Category: Art / Creative
I have taught a lot of people in the past 40 years from Huntington to Hawaii, Texas to Washington and now in San Clemente.. Sharing everything I have ever learned about building and designing surfboards. Now as I have gone back to full time shaping and instruction I'm always looking to pass on the craft that has been a big part of my whole life.
Coaching one through all the steps is really the only way to learn hands on.


2 day private shaping lessons, cost $750 for a shortboard $1000 for a LB.. SUP's $2000 complete boards and 3 days to shape. each day is a 4 hour lesson all one on one..
Day #1 : Hang with me and shape a few boards. Taking it one step at a time from design to the finished shape. We start with skinning, outlining, and cutting out. Learning to use the tools such as the Planer. The one thing a video can't teach you is how to hold and handle your tools. I shape 90% of the board with power planer that's what I can teach you. Leave the caveman tools to the clueless and learn the power of the tools. Spend time learning how to make and use Surfboard Templates. Learn how to do a layout on the blank that guides you to a perfect symmetrical foil. Learning how to turn rails all with the planer no surform or dragon skin needed.
Day #2: You spend finish shaping your own surfboard under my guidance from start to finish of the shaped blank. This price includes a finished clear glassed surfboard. Colors. gloss polish extra. For the price of a new brand name board shape one for yourself..
For more details contact me through Craigslist.. Thanks Rob
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Years Experience: 40

Surfing tutoring

Category: Sports / Recreation
In the water surfing lessons for the beginners who dosen't want to go to camps.The private one on one personal touch..
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 40