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I have 6 years of experience with Supreme networking skills. skills in Fresno, CA. I also have 6 years of experience with Perspective views, muse. skills, 6 years of experience with Networking your business skills all of which I also do in the Fresno, CA area.
My education and credentials include Highschool diploma, discharge from the army, and an unbeatable attitude :).

Profile Summary:
Supreme networking skills. Fresno, CA
Perspective views, muse. Fresno, CA
Networking your business Fresno, CA
Not exactly my skill but my mothers, Fresno, CA
Information movement Fresno, CA
My Skills

Supreme networking skills.

Category: Marketing / Sales
Sales, advertising, new job market, improve the economy for all
Relevant Education / Credentials
Highschool diploma, discharge from the army, and an unbeatable attitude :)
Years Experience: 6

Perspective views, muse.

Category: Art / Creative
Anyone who lives life knows it has hurdles, forclosure counseling is nothing more than some time out of your day, to do a selfless act of kindness to help grease the economy...
Relevant Education / Credentials
Been there, done that, everyone deserves another chance.
Years Experience: 6

Networking your business

Category: Business
Be prepared....
Relevant Education / Credentials
Studying the populations and different peoples, from around the world and keeping up with what the public expects from his business
Years Experience: 6

Not exactly my skill but my mothers,

Category: Beauty / Style
Located on cedar and Herndon i'n the dollar tree area, she has a private booth i'n the back of the hair and nail factory, i am trying to network her business too.
Relevant Education / Credentials
She has been cutting hair for 13 years now
Years Experience: 13

Information movement

Category: Communications
Linking people together...
Relevant Education / Credentials
From going to school,to going to war, that was four years of life that I've missed out on and trying to find my way back into society again
Years Experience: 6