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I have 11 years of experience with Sports Performance Training skills in Gilbert, AZ. I also have 10 years of experience with Weight Loss skills.
My education and credentials include Sports Science, Science and Nutrition,Speed and agility training.

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Sports Performance Training Gilbert, AZ
Weight Loss Gilbert, AZ
My Skills

Sports Performance Training

Category: Sports / Recreation
Speed, Strength, Agility, Conditioning, as well as injury prevention will be delivered in 30,45,60,90 minute long sessions at least once a week per team or individual athlete (more sessions will be made available, per team/athlete request). Every Session will have each of these skills taught in unison, but each having its own importance to enhance the players overall athleticism. Strength med balls and hip sleds, agility ladders and quick cones, speed parachutes and bungees, are some of the equipment options used throughout the course of the program.

During the course of the program we will be working on some of the following:
• Quick speed off the mark
• Quick acceleration over 10-15 yards
• Good speed endurance
• Muscle Memory
• Enhance Flexibility
• Quickness of feet or agility
• The ability to quickly change direction
• The ability to execute skills quickly
• Speed of thought
During the delivery of this program players will develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts of speed, agility, strength, and injury prevention including skill development; develop values related to life skills and utilize the key competencies outlined in the program.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Sports Science, Science and Nutrition,Speed and agility training
Years Experience: 11

Weight Loss

Category: Health / Fitness
We come to you, or you come to us!
-One on One Consultation
-Nutritional Education
-Weekly Meal Plan
-Weekly Meal Preparation
-Weekly One on One in home personal training sessions
-Daily Checks
Relevant Education / Credentials
Science and Nutrition, Personal Trainer
Years Experience: 10