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Spiritual Teacher, Medium, Psychic, Tarot Reader, Spiritual Counseler, Channel, Reiki Practitioner, Spiritual Healer, Hanna Kroger Practitioner, Profetional Dowser

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Spiritual Healer Mesa, AZ
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Helping People to Help Them Self, Spiritual Studies, Read, Learn, Teach
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Methapysical-Spiritual Store Owner, Spiritual Teacher, Spiritual Reader, Spiritual Counselor, UCM Minister
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Noemi Ioppolo is located in Mesa, AZ and has the following skills: Spiritual Healer
Therapy, Religious / Spiritual
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Spiritual Healer

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Multi-Dimensional Healing Sessions
This system was develop by Mimi ( Noemi ) giving to her, by spirits-angels, is not so popular, is about 500 people only in all world doing this, is very sophisticate and fast, with her channel abilities for healing energy with her spiritual group, High Vibration Beings (Spirit Teachers, Doctors, Masters, Angels) will scan the body and evaluate all aspects that make up ones life on all levels, physical, spiritual, psychological, mental on all planes. During a session many issues will be balanced and brought into harmony with the higher self purpose. Those include but are not limited to physical ailments, balancing, restoring and detox of organs, meridians, chakras, core issues, past life connections and carry overs, family and ancestral history, DNA, limitations, boundaries, contracts, vows, promises, patterns, beliefs, "BS", Spiritual Gifts Opened and Connections to Inner Self.
Many disease situations are caused by an accumulation of negative thoughts and emotions. These become blocks of energy that prevent the flow of Life Force energy. Over a period of time those blocks will manifest in unbalanced and weak organ vibration, weak chakra and meridian energy on all soul bodies. (physical, etheric, energetic etc.)
Energetic and etheric surgery release is extremely beneficial on many levels. Difficult emotional situations and old, entrenched negative thought patterns that keep us from a balanced life. Fear, guilt and blame beliefs may be released and healed. Every thought and feeling creates energy of a certain vibration within and around the body. Low vibration, causes disharmony and lowers the Life Force of the physical body. A Healing/Clearing Session removes these low vibrational energies, and increases energy, health and release of old limiting patterns and behaviors. You may feel subtle energies working on you throughout the session.
The sessions are done on the massage table, the person lays clothed, is a very minimun touch,
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Spiritual Minister , Reiki, Hypnosis Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Spiritual Teacher
Years Experience: 30