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My name is Mark AKA DeistReality.

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Spiritual Healer,and a true Theologian. Plainville, CT
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Spiritual Healer,and a true Theologian.

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Its too bad that we have to get paid for time doing something that we love to do,but the way the system is set up for now it's a must. I get paid for the truths that I bring forward,and how these truths help the individual.

The individual pays me only what they think my time is worth to them.

Money is never mentioned the person gets my mailing address,and mails me after the fact what they think my information,and time is worth.

I claim that the information presented can fix you physically,spiritually,mentally. I will show you the powers that you already have in a clear,simple,and absolute way.
I will travel 10 miles free. If you live 20 miles meet me half way. Its good stuff,and can heal whatever ails you.
Relevant Education / Credentials
A great love for this Eternal Life Force that we rightly give the honorary title of God,and more then 40 years of life work searching for the truth of this Force with much success that I would just love to share with those in need,or even those who don't need.
Years Experience: 47