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I've traveled and lived all across this country and have had a life of truly deep experiences filled with incredible people. I believe that we each have a responsibility to be caretakers of this planet and life herein. I believe that our modern culture has become so detached from our true purpose and potential as human beings that mental illness and dysfunction has spread uncontrollably. But I also believe we are on the precipice of a new renaissance that could create a utopian soceity. I have not been immune to the struggles we face in this age of materialism we live in. But I made a decision long ago to surrender my life to a search for truth and a search for the remedies to what ails myself and the peoples in my life. I've studied the great religions and spiritual teachings of many cultures, modern psychology, martial arts and the systems and channels of internal energy in the body, philosophy, physics, etc. Wherever I could find knowledge, I have searched and followed the path. The greatest lessons I have learned have always been from the relationships and experiences I've had with all the indiviuals I have met in my life. Always a teacher, always a student.

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Spiritual Counselor - Life Coach Milwaukee, WI
Personal Trainer Milwaukee, WI
Talent Management/Development Milwaukee, WI
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Martial Arts, Philosophy, Religion, Meta-Physics, Quantum Physics, Yoga, Tai Chi, Music, Film, Writing, Acting, Multi-Media Production, Nature
Work Experience:
I recentley moved back from California where I was working with a small production company on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank. I was involved in motivating artists under contract and devloping new talent, bringing out the creative abilites in others. Developing new projects, improving existing projects by being invloved in the writing process. Basically using the people skills I have been developing my whole life to work with people who are trying to something bigger that themsleves to share with others. I've lived a life in service to others, helping people realize their potential and by doing so realizing my own. A servant is a master in disguise.
Self Taught
Organizations / Affilations:
Snapkick Productions-Burbank,CA
Ogma Entertainment-Santa Monica,CA
Shambhala Soceity-Milwaukee, WI
Unitarian Church-Milwaukee, WI
Wallace Murray is located in Milwaukee, WI and has the following skills: Spiritual Counselor - Life Coach, Personal Trainer, Talent Management/Development
Acting / Drama, Motivation / Inspiration, Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Spiritual Counselor - Life Coach

Category: Motivation / Inspiration
Sometimes along the path of life, we lose our way. In the quest for purpose, meaning, and fullfilment, we stumble. Our vision and judgement may become clouded. At these moments it may be helpful to have a guide. Someone outside of the situation who can point the way back to self-realization.

All knowledge is self-knowledge. The greatest victory any of us can achieve is a victory over ourselves. Over our fear, anger, and hatred. These emotions act as illusions, blocking the direct perception of existence with our hearts and minds. Blocking our experience of the truth, of what is real.

The old way of thinking that has dominated the world for centuries is becoming non-functional. The state of our world today is the direct result of our way of thinking. This is evident in the suffering and war in our world, our disrespect for the planet which gives us life, the polarization of our country, and even the state of the economy. Many great religious texts point to an end to this world. We misunderstand this as a literal end. We think in such material terms that the truth eludes us. What will come is an end to this antiquated way of thinking. What will take it's place will be up to us to decide. We make these decisions as individauls in our every day life. Decisions that should put us more in tune with our true nature.

The moral realization that we are the stranger we walk by on the street, that we are all interconnected, that what is good for the quality of another's life is good for the quality and stability of our own, is becoming more evident. Life moves forward when we come together as a community and focus on helping eachother. Compassion and courage will lead us to this point. I must do my part just like anyone else. SO if you feel lost or isolated or in need of a guide, it is time to reach out to eachother.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Sujects of special study include religion, philosophy, psychology, martial arts and internal systems of healing such as chi-gung and reiki, sociology, life coaching
Years Experience: 20

Personal Trainer

Category: Health / Fitness
Each individual is born with a different genetic make up that requires a different exercise regimen to achieve optimum physical health. Through our lives, ecspecially adolesence, we develop complex defense mechanisms to survive periods of hardship or confusion. Generally hidden within these emotional knots is the spiritual cause of our physical illness or ailments. Obviously, these "knots" need to be worked out. I have an overall health approach to something that is generally considered in one dimensional terms.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Study of chinese medicine, yogism, chi-gung, reiki, chakra study, 6 years Wing Chun training, 13 years various martial arts training, weightlifting, cross training, detox diets, etc. The totality of my learing and knowledge is applied to all aspects of my life.
Years Experience: 15

Talent Management/Development

Category: Acting / Drama
Everyone has a unique gift or ability they can develop and share within the world on a small or large scale. Our purpose as individuals and human beings is to create and grow. Through the arts we find personal freedom and self expression and attempt to share this with others. It is always helpful to have a wise and intuitive outside counsel to help develop our gifts, help us decide the best direcition to go with the most fulfilling projects to focus on. What choices will bring out our best capabilites? We answer this question together.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Snapkick Productions-Burbank,CA-Project Manager-Writer Ogma Entertainment-Santa Monica,CA Talent Manager
Years Experience: 11