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Avalaura Beharry

I'm a healer, counselor and spiritual teacher who founded Avalaura's Healing Center in College Park, MD in the DC metro area.

I obtained a B.S. in Psychology and a Master's Degree in Social Work and from Howard University. Additionally I am a a Certified Spiritual Counselor & Life Coach, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist, Yoga Instructor and Holistic Aromatherapist.

I utilize various healing modalities in my work including MARABOUT Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Dream Anaylsis, Cord Cutting, Chakra Balancing, Crystals, Intuitve Reiki Hands on Healing and more

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Profile Summary:
Spiritual Counseling/Life Coaching College Park, MD
Reiki Intuitive Healing College Park, MD
Marabout Spiritual Healing College Park, MD
Chakra Balancing College Park, MD
Yoga (Hatha) College Park, MD
More About Me
healing arts, spirituality, meditating, traveling, teaching, reading, writing, tai chi, yoga, dancing, eating- esp at a good vegetarian restaurant, watching movies, and making soul connections.
Work Experience:
Avalaura's Healing Center
College Park, Maryland US
Visionary- Healer- Spiritual Teacher

Beharry Investments Inc.
College Park, MD US
Real Estate and Investing Firm
Crystals & Gemstones
Bachelors Degree- Pyschology- Howard University

Masters in Social Work- Howard University

Various certifications and trainings in all aspects of healing arts. See bio for more information
Organizations / Affilations:
Avalaura Beharry is located in College Park, MD and has the following skills: Spiritual Counseling/Life Coaching, Reiki Intuitive Healing, Marabout Spiritual Healing, Chakra Balancing, Yoga (Hatha)
Therapy, Religious / Spiritual
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My Skills

Spiritual Counseling/Life Coaching

Category: Therapy
Spiritual Counseling is based on the principle that everyone possesses an innate spiritual understanding of his or her own truth and has the power to change and remedy it. Spiritual Counseling assists you in creating permanent behavior changes that will help you, internalize, emotionalize and heal your original painful and untrue beliefs.

It will FREE you from your unconscious triggers and childhood ego defenses that make you feel helpless and powerless as you were when you first experienced your original trauma.

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Relevant Education / Credentials
MSW- Howard University Certified Spiritual Counselor and Life Coach from Holistic Learning Center
Years Experience: 6

Reiki Intuitive Healing

Category: Therapy
Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a simple and effective form of hands on healing that uses Universal Life Energy to help dissolve problems in the body, mind, and spirit. It is a natural approach to healing that is safe, gentle and non-invasive.

Ancient cultures, including the Japanese, Chinese, Indians, and Egyptians believed that life energy flowed through the body, which deeply affects our bodies, minds and emotions.

Current research strongly suggests that energy does extend throughout and beyond the physical body. Disruptions or imbalances in its flow result in physical, mental and emotional illnesses.

Reiki addresses these imbalances to support overall health and well-being. Because we are connected to this universal energy, Reiki can also be transmitted through distance healing when you are not physically present.

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Relevant Education / Credentials
Reiki Master/Teacher
Years Experience: 4

Marabout Spiritual Healing

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Spiritual Healing performed by Avalaura Beharry, MSW, LGSW is rooted in the West African healing art of Marabout. Traditionally Marabout has been practiced in many countries in Africa and has spread to other parts of the world including India, China, Pakistan and now the United States.

Avalaura is one of the few practioners who knows and practices this highly guarded, sacred healing art in the United States. Marabout is a highly effective method of healing that allows the practitioner to work directly with the highest spiritual beings on behalf of the person receiving the healing. This allows for permanent results achievable for the person’s highest good.

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Relevant Education / Credentials
Currently studying under a Sufi Master Healer/Teacher
Years Experience: 3

Chakra Balancing

Category: Therapy
Chakras (pronounced “Shock-Ruhs”) is a Sanskrit word for wheel. Chakras are whirling concentrated energy centers that are responsible for receiving, assimilating, and transmitting life-force energy to and within the body.

Chakras draw in Divine life force energy (also called “ki”, “chi” or “prana”) from the Universe and distributes this energy throughout the body for optimum health and well being.

Chakras play a major role in maintaining our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

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Relevant Education / Credentials
Reiki Master/Teacher Chakra Balancing training
Years Experience: 4

Yoga (Hatha)

Category: Therapy
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Relevant Education / Credentials
250 hour course in Naskik India
Years Experience: 3