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Rebecca Anne LoCicero

Rebecca Anne LoCicero is a Psychic Medium blessed by God with the natural gift and ability to communicate with Heaven. She guides and teaches others to awaken and acknowledge this very connection we all have through our soul. She has been experiencing intuitive conversations with loved ones who crossed as well as receiving messages and guidance from the highest divine resources since a very young age. Sharing her abilities through her writing, lectures and consultations allows her to bring about spiritual enlightenment with love and compassion while empowering all to discover and identify their own sacred connections.

During a Session and/or Presentation with Psychic Medium Rebecca Anne:
*You may receive messages from those we have loved that are no longer with us in body.
*You may receive insight on a variety of topics such as love, work, money, family, soul paths, past lives & more…
*You will receive a physical, mental and/or emotional healing.

Profile Summary:
Spiritual Author Vernon Rockville, CT
Co-Founder of The Beyond Center Vernon Rockville, CT
More About Me
Whether it is knowledge or communication from a loved one who has crossed over, the information received is always with love and for everyone’s higher good. No one has control over who comes through or if they come through at all but when they do come in it is with Love, Purpose and Pure Intention. With over 14 Years of service and a lifetime of natural intuition and a spiritual connection through God, you can rely on an accurate and insightful session with a true intuitive.
Work Experience:
As an author, Rebecca Anne has published her first book “Living with Messages in Heaven” in October 2009. This book is an advocate for psychic mediumship and prophets in the millennium. It is a resource for those searching to know what a God focused spiritual psychic medium really is in this modern society. Rebecca Anne has also been featured in Qi magazine, The Door Opener, Hartford Magazine and many other online magazines sharing her insight about spiritual communication through a medium, healing, mediation and more. Additional
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Rebecca Anne LoCicero is located in Vernon Rockville, CT and has the following skills: Spiritual Author, Co-Founder of The Beyond Center
Religious / Spiritual
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Spiritual Author

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Published Author of 'Living with Messages from Heaven' An advocate for psychic mediumship and prophets in the millennium. Co-Founder of The Beyond Center,,
Just living life and ready to make as many connection for as many people as I can for the highest good under God.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Working with high ethics as a Psychic Medium/Healer. Certified Medium for the Forever Family Foundation. Reiki Master/Teacher - Energy Healer. Certified Pastoral Counseler
Years Experience: 15

Co-Founder of The Beyond Center

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1