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I am a speaker, and leadership trainer, specializing in assisting others in creating excellence in their life and business. I started a home-based business which became a publicly held entity and from this success and experience, I assist others in leveraging their passion and purpose to create their prosperity.

I also mentor others in the area of business and life strategies, including marketing, and personal excellence.

Profile Summary:
Speaking on spiritual principles in life/business Dallas, TX
Interior Design Programs for worship environments Dallas, TX
Business and Marketing Consultant Dallas, TX
Life Strategiest Dallas, TX
My Skills

Speaking on spiritual principles in life/business

Category: Religious / Spiritual
I consult others in creating excellence in their life, business, and relationships.

I host a talk tv show, "changing hearts in a changing
world"...showing that the simple things you do right now, change your life right now...
Relevant Education / Credentials
Attended Seminary, my company went public on Nadasq, I assist hundreds through my speaking, training and book and creating excellence from the "inside out".
Years Experience: 10

Interior Design Programs for worship environments

Category: Art / Creative
I have developed a very simple system by which committees and Pastors are able to select interior products that assist in creating an environment conducive to worship, while also saving the church time and money.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I co-founded a company providing these same services which I then took public on Nadasq.
Years Experience: 20

Business and Marketing Consultant

Category: Consulting
I provide one on one or group coaching and mentoring programs, which assist in training sales and marketing staff in areas of sales presentation, creative approaches to sales and marketing.

I also assist those I consult in addressing life challenges which effect their performance in their professional life as well.

I also help companies and individuals leverage persons they know or want to know to develop relationships by which they can create synergies, strategies and structures (S-O-S) for amazing success in their professional life.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I am endorsed by many high-profile individuals, based on the experience and results garnered by those I work with.
Years Experience: 10

Life Strategiest

Category: Relationships
I help others creating the life, relationships they desire, through a personal mentoring program, which is simple and gets amazing results. Even times of much inner healing, and "getting thru what they are going through, to get TO where they are going"...incredible acceleration is seen in live on every level, when we address core principles and implement short-cuts to reaching their goals...and live in fulfillment.
Relevant Education / Credentials
author of book "Train Wreck to Triumph..a work book turning derailment into destiny" I have mentored others with astound breakthroughs.
Years Experience: 7