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Whitney Carroll

Hola! Encantada! Me llamo Whitney. Habla ingles? Bien...

For the past three years I have been helping young children excell at discovering the beautiful Spanish Language. I spent sometime living abroad in the South American country of Argentina with family where my Spanish skills immensly increased. Prior to, they were incredibly poor and regardless of growing up with Spanish-speak relatives - I struggles greatly with the langauge in school. When I returned to the states, I began to help tutor those who were in need of extra practice or study. I am great at helping little minds with their vocabulary, conjugations and even simple, useful phrases. I also have great methods of helping young ones study for languages tests.

Ya me despido, me dio mucho gusto conocerlo. Que te cuides.

Nos vemos.


La Professora Whitney =]

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Spanish Tutor Santa Rosa, CA
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Spanish Tutor

Category: Education
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Minor in Spanish from CSUFresno Lived Abroad in South America
Years Experience: 4