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Sonrisa Seafood (Charlie Schmidt)

I am a 22 year old white male trying to survive in the bussiness world of wholesale seafood. I started the company as a side thing a little over a year ago, while I was in school. Sat. mornings at three am I

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Sonrisa Seafood ("from the docks to your door") Santa Barbara, CA
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Sonrisa Seafood ("from the docks to your door")

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Sonrisa Seafood is a wholesale/retail seafood company that specializes in restaraunt and home delivery. With a boat of our own, and established relationships with all of the top fisherman in the Santa Barbara Harbor, we are confident that your Dining expierience will never be the same. Hand selected and inspected from every angle, Always hundreds, often thousands of pounds of product are combed over by true professional fish handlers to ensure the fish you reiceive is a culenary experience known only to the saltiest sea men and women around. Truly the cream of the crop seafood.
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Just a long family history of seamen fisherman and even navy-men, and the curse of being one of the most picky eaters alive. I need flavor and quality. Most farmed fish tastes like hydrated cardboard to me.
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