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Well my personality is never black and white. I can be dark at times and I can be sweet at other times. I consider myself to be a very creative person. I have loved writing ever since I can even remember really. I have always loved it and as the years go on, I feel I understand it more to embrace it more profoundly. I am also passionate about music, I find it to be another kind of expression for the heart and soul. I also love movies, especially horror movies which kind of spotlights on the dark side of me. I feel everyone has their own ways of expressing themselves and they should in any way possible because we are who we are.

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Songwriting Buffalo, NY
Poetry Buffalo, NY
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Watching movies, Songwriting, Trying new things, Hanging with friends, Art is an interest of mine,Drawing is a hobby of mine
Fictional Story writer
Work Experience:
Carey Rupp
99 Pooley Street and Grant

I love to try new things and gain new experiences. In every job that I've had I have learned something new and wish to continue learning
new things.

Everett Area Highschool
Graduated 2008

Taco Bell
16509 Lincoln Highway, Breezewood, PA 15533
Was a cashier
March 30, 2010-July 15, 2011
Took people's orders, stocked lobby, swept floors, wiped tables, cleaned bathrooms, washed dishes, attended to customer's needs...

All-American Petro (Blimpies)
167 Post House Rd Lincoln Highway (US-30) Breezewood, PA 15533
Was a cashier
May 28, 2008-June 13, 2008
Took people's orders, made food, helped prep food, washed dishes, mopped floors...

Bob Evans
153 North Breezewood Road, Breezewood PA 15533
Customer Service Attendent
September 18, 2006-October 20, 2006
Bused tables, cleaned bathrooms, helped with dishes, attended to customer's needs, swept floors, wiped off tables...

I'm a people person, I'm very good at talking to people and finding common ground with everyone. I have a very good
attitude when it comes to working. I have a bubbly personality and love to make others smile. I'm very good at taking
on challenges, I'm very determined until I know it is done sufficiently.
Everett Area Highschool and graduated with diploma
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Carey Rupp is located in Buffalo, NY and has the following skills: Songwriting, Poetry
Writing / Journalism
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Category: Writing / Journalism
I have been songwriting since the age of 9 and have loved songwriting ever since. I don't write with a melody in my head, I just write from the heart.
Relevant Education / Credentials
My songlyrics are my credentials. Here's one of my songs I wrote fairly recently called: Moment of Weakness Verse: I heard the demons beckon Almost lost it for a second I felt its emptiness invade I felt the deep hole that it made My tears were like a siren Calling to me in need of reviving Chorus: It almost drew me in Felt it crawl under my skin A moment of weakness, I almost gave in Traded in my halo to taste its sin Its flames encircled my soul Almost couldn't fight for control I won't be a part of its sacrifice Won't be here when the fire ignites Verse: Can't calm this rage inside Hell found a home tonight Betrayed by my own morality Stepped over the line of sanity Is there any meaning? Is there something I'm not seeing? Chorus Bridge: I almost broke down Fell to my knees to bow I almost invited it inside But I tried, so hard I tried Chorus 2x's
Years Experience: 13


Category: Writing / Journalism
To me poetry is like an outlet for the heart and soul to release its very core to convey the feeling it holds. It's not just words but more like art and the words paint an amazing picture for the eyes to read
Relevant Education / Credentials
I've submitted poems to a site called and have become a quarter finalist a couple times then received an editor's choice award as well.
Years Experience: 13