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i'm a husband, artist, musician, soon to be father, brother, and son. i love discovering new things. finding ways to say the same thing with different words. constantly challenging my boundaries as a creator of something from nothing. i love life, art, food, sex, children, music, the sound of silence, tea, and chocolate. my hope is to influence just one person with all the weird thoughts that fly around my head any given minute! i what you to see as i see, hear as i hear, and think as i think...if for only 5 minutes at a time. that's me...i'm kinda nuts.

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songwriter/composer Olympia, WA
graphic design Olympia, WA
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Category: Music
my mother taught me the basics on piano when i was 7 and i have been an avid musician since i was 17 years old playing any number of stringed instruments, namely: guitar, sitar, mandolin, a touch of banjo, & piano. i have had studio exspirence since i was about 19 when i recorded my first nationally released album "alibi clock" with the indie band "josette's eye". since then i have been in a handful of other bands such as the short lived "stroma", and "the empty hollow" producing the album "growing slumber". i have gone onto procuring my solo interests in the last couple years with some gaining notoriety locally. i was released and indie album of my home recordings entitled "used thoughts" and i am in the process of recording my debut studio EP "the filburn sessions" due out in the summer of 2009. i take music very very seriously and it is one of my greatest passions.

my music: ""
Relevant Education / Credentials
thousands of hours of studio time, writing, performing, booking, some management and generally working in the field.
Years Experience: 14

graphic design

Category: Art / Creative
i have been a freelance graphic designer for over 10 years. working with bands predominantly on their cd layouts, posters, logo, and websites etc. i also have worked with local companies on promotion, logos, and brochures. my company is called "euphoria tea productions", and i would love to work on your next project.

my portfolio can be seen at either: "" or "" this site includes basic rates. website coming soon.
Relevant Education / Credentials
totally self taught.
Years Experience: 10