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Every story has a begining.The same is true for M.a.i.N.Born in brooklyn New York But,raised in Queens. He Came from a single mother household,his father disappeared early on in his childhood and never really followed up on his long lost son.A very smart student M.a.i.N. fell victim to the new age fever called "street life". By the age of 13 he was cutting school daily chasing money.By 16 he was holding hands with his new found friend the "street life".At the age of 17 he found music.Being influenced by the greats such as 2pac Shakur,Biggie Smalls,Nasir Jones and Shawn Carter.In 2001 M.a.i.N. hooked up with long time friend Jimmy Stunts and they began what is nowthe street legend of Down2Die Records.Unfornately during the course of finishing their 1st album together M.a.i.N. was arrested and sentented to serve a term in state prison.Despite the ups and downs in his life this did not stop him from pursuing his dream of one day being able to let the world hear his thoughts.See,for its the pain that drives him. All the sleepless nights,the sorrow that fills him,it drives him to seek greatness.Now on his 7th year as a song writer M.a.i.N. is ready to go public by any means nessecary.Mentally he is proud of his gift and knows that the time is now. 25 years of age the same as the late great 2pac Shakur was before he was taken from us.7 years of paying dues,7 years of non stop planing and plotting every move perfectly.7 years stuffed into 13 songs,M.a.i.N. presents "The Freedom Of Speech".

Profile Summary:
Song Writer Sunnyside, NY
Musician Sunnyside, NY
Performer Sunnyside, NY
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Booking Agent
Work Experience:
A very high energetic people person that is motivated to exceed and succeed. Willing to expand in new job markets.

Work Experience
Dates Employed Job Title Company
3/2007 - Present promoter
queens/new york
printing flyers,designing flyers,coming up wit themes,booking djs,planing birthday parties and marketing venues and bars
1/2008 - 3/2008 csr
brooklyn/new york
answering calls,making calls and supplying information
11/2006 - 8/2007 box office
center cimenas
queens/new york
printing tickets,cleaning the theater,and helping with the concession stand
12/2005 - 8/2006 Waiter
Providing outstanding service to our guest to meet rating monthly rating score.
moved quickly to meet serving time in functions, always asked to work more shifts, able to work early next day after doing 8+ hrs in a day. Maximum work hrs 19hrs. able to work with teams and partners. Understanding conflicts and able to seek solution. always have ideas to work faster. Always set up before hand
10/2005 - 12/2005 Boiler Repair
Alot of cleaning and repairing heating systems primerally boilers.We also installed them.

Dates Attended School Degree Location
9/1999 - 1/2000 John Jay College
High School or equivalent
Manhattan - NY - US


Skill Name Skill Level Last Used/Experience
Adobe PhotoShop Intermediate Currently used / 3 years
AutoCADD 2006 Intermediate Currently used / 4 years
Customer Relationship Expert Currently used / 5 years
Mechanical Ink Drafting Expert Currently used / 4 years
MS Word Expert Currently used / 5 years

Languages Proficiency Level
Spanish Fluent - Full Knowledge

Organizations / Affilations:
You can view my work at
ART R is located in Sunnyside, NY and has the following skills: Song Writer, Musician, Performer
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My Skills

Song Writer

Category: Music
I am able to write a song or script abou anything i imagine.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10


Category: Music
I have been composing songs for 11 years now.i am very good at what i do.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 11


Category: Music
I am looking for places to perform.i have been performing for 5 years now and love putting on a show.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5