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Born in Philly, PA. December 29 1956, two brothers and five sisters. My father a tool and die maker and moved us to Dupage county IL. in the late 50s. It was mainly old farmland with very fast growing communities and industrial centers scattering throughout the once fertel farm fields.
This was a child's wonderland and contained untold adventures, some good and some that would give parents the cause to never let the children out ever again. We started school and explored all their was, every thing was new and changing almost every day. I started my box, It contained all I had. Full of a childs scribbles and nonsense but it was every thing I was and was becoming. Pencils crayons paper and lots of junk.
One day my box and I went for a walk to see what we could find. The wind was fierce soon overcoming me, the box I held so close tumbled down the street and with the wind went every thing. This was an omen, It was the first time but not the last that I would loose every thing.
I do not have a long list of musical experience to brag about it never happened but I do have a lot of writing. Songs and poems with original melodies. Yes I still have my box it contains many years and now I want to do something with it other then let it blow away in the wind when I leave this world. It took half a life to write it and will take the alve to finish it correctly.
I understand music, song writing and understand this. No man is a mountain and I am looking for people to work with. Other writers, Music Publishers and other in the music biz. Until now it has just been a hobby but I have spent a life time working on other peoples ideas, now it is time to work on my ideas.

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Song Writer Ohio, IL
Woodworking Art Ohio, IL
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Song Writer

Category: Music
Write songs in my spair
time and hope to make
some money at it one way
of another to help send
my kids to school.
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Years Experience: 1

Woodworking Art

Category: Art / Creative
Accessories, Original, Pattern
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Years Experience: 1