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I am the prisoner sleeping in the belly of your soul
Lost in the ocean of one Iris
Dialated and unsure of the coming storms

Call me Shameful as I laugh
...In your noose

I don't mind the intrusion
How metal rusts roses
How you tend to ignore these conversations.

I wear my umbrella even when it's dry outside.
Only you understand why.

Can you get me back to Alice?
Where everything is clear.

Where door knobs lead you into directions

Im falling down the hole
And Im waiting
To see Beyond the bottom

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Song Writer / Poetry / Love Letters/ Speeches Murrieta, CA
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Song Writer / Poetry / Love Letters/ Speeches

Category: Writing / Journalism
If you need a song you are having a hard time writing any music any subject. Or that letter you just can't write. Breaking up? Falling in Love? Or that speech you just can't write I am your girl. I am a published writer and I can write just about anything for any subject matter.
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I have 2 books and I write for an online game. If you want to see my work you can visit me on
Years Experience: 15