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Greenlaw Solar Group serves both residential and commercial clients. We design, build and service all types of Renewable Energy Systems. We can now proudly add historic restorations to our list of services.

Greenlaw Solar Group specializes in Photovoltaic (Solar Electric) Systems but are just as proud of our 30+ years of building the best quality Solar Hot Water and Solar Pool Heating Systems. These latter two categories of Solar Systems are the most productive of all the different types of Renewable Energy Systems because of their wide spread use in Florida. We have never built a Photovoltaic System for a residence without first building a Solar Hot Water System on that home. Photovoltaics can be expensive so our goal is to first reduce that homes electricity consumption to keep the size of the PV System as small as possible. There is absolutely no better way of doing this than to get rid of the electric water heater and install a Solar powered one. This can cut consumption by up to 30%!

Solar Pool Heaters play an important role here too. Most pool homes will have a heated pool (usually electric heat pumps) to get the most out of our moderate winter climate and enjoy their pool year round. Why use fossil fuels with all their drawbacks (high electric consumption, imported oil dependence, environmental degradation, etc...) when Renewable Energy can do it all comfortably and without the waste associated with fossil fuels?

Please feel free to contact us with any and all of your questions and we will be happy to answer them for you. Office phone 941-351-1620, email or visit our website at

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