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I am a software sales agent. I sell to those who have the need for unlimited product that they can receive 100% payout with. If you have your own website you don't have to only monetize for a small commission. You can recieve full payment for your own products. Let me know what you do and I can refer something special and rewarding for you with resellers right.

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Software Sales Sanford, FL
Budgeting Consultant Sanford, FL
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My free time is spent with my family. I have some health issues but via the internet I am able to treat myself well and avoid unnecessary stress unlike some people. I choose to take care of my own financial destiny. I'm sure that's true with everyone here. So I'm sure we can agree that it does start by learning how to control our spending and see money as a tool in order to feel more confident when we do spent. After all we all do not have degrees in finance. I highly recommend this Ebook called "Money for Life".
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Why We Failed

1)Many Many ways to spend
2)Lack of training

3)No connection to real money

4)Bombarded with advertisements
5)Consumer Credit Cards

There are many ways to spend money today. Online bill pay,
direct pay,credit cards check by phone,automatic pay you name it.
Then we have the advertisers attacking us even while where
watching a movie or driving home from work.

No to mention the credit card applications they keep sending you
giving you more credit!There is no wonder the spending is out of
control. Our system is not set up for us uniformed to win.
We are set up to lose our home and businesses. We are taught
to work hard but never taught how to take care of the money

we work so hard for. That is why even doctors,lawyers, and
other professionals are in the same boat as the 9 to 5 workers.

Now that we established how we got in this mess, let's talk
about getting out of it by changing our spending habits.
Firstly everyone in the household has to be a reformed
spender. Meaning if everyone is not educated we cannot
fix the problem in that household.

Everyone must work together.We have to face the fact

that we suffer from a psychological disconnection with

money because of credit cards.When we just carried cash

we had to stop spending when it was over.
Now that we have plastic we stretch our finances to the red.

Years ago our elders took their pay and divided it into envelopes to determine what was
needed for things like mortgage, utilities, food, vacation,taxes,vacation,and personal savings.
When those envelopes were used.They knew that bill was paid until the next month.
The priorities were always taken care of first. With the knowledge that some bills
recurred the following month or year like taxes. This old method made it
possible to stay on track.

If you want a financial plan for the future , you have to learn how
to manage your money.
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Darlene Matthews is located in Sanford, FL and has the following skills: Software Sales, Budgeting Consultant
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Software Sales

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Software is matched with individual business needs to enhance financial growth.
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Years Experience: 8

Budgeting Consultant

Category: Services
Point individual in the direction of cost effective spending. Repairing credit.Getting out of debt.
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Years Experience: 8