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I have 15 years of experience with Softball skills in Hampton, VA. I also have 6 years of experience with Tutor skills, 8 years of experience with Motocross skills all of which I also do in the Hampton, VA area.
My education and credentials include High School Diploma, In-College.

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Softball Hampton, VA
Tutor Hampton, VA
Motocross Hampton, VA
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Category: Sports / Recreation
I have played softball all my life (for almost 15 years now). I was a pitcher, Short Stop (Two favorite positions), but also a utility player. I could play every position. I used to coach kids ages 5 to 18. Played Travel Ball, High School, and League Ball all at once.
Relevant Education / Credentials
High School Diploma, In-College
Years Experience: 15


Category: Education
I like to tutor kids on my off time. I took up to Pre Calc/Trig in High School (Equivalent to College Algebra). My rates are pretty cheap. I usually go by how long of time each day/How many days/subject/ and by your budget ... Thank you!
Relevant Education / Credentials
High School Diploma, College Student, Air Force Personnel
Years Experience: 6


Category: Sports / Recreation
I ride dirt bikes, have rode for 8 years now. I am pretty good on a bike, and love to teach others. I want to teach anyone who is willing to have fun and get a bit dirty.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Racing experience
Years Experience: 8