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A unique blend of musical talents put into one big Record Company, intitled: iRecords.

iRecords is a company put together by three young men, who recognized their talents and wanted a chance to make their talents known.

The exposure of their gifts can be heard on myspace:

It is a major part of our mission to engage our listeners and gain the interests of many.

Profile Summary:
Singing Virginia Beach, VA
Lyricists Virginia Beach, VA
Guitar Player Virginia Beach, VA
My Skills


Category: Music
M.J Lopez-Daily is an artist, singer, producer, and vocal talent. Living in the Americas and abroad has definitely caused a fusion of the cultures to be present in his music. His music can be described as edgy, fresh, and new. Enjoy the music that has captivated few, but is destined for many. An artist who is not only talented in one language, but in two. He speaks and sings fluent Spanish and can entertain an audience in many ways.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10


Category: Talent
AyE PLUs is an aspiring artist born and raised in Northern Virginia. At a young age this talented musician taught himself how to play the piano, compose songs, as well as sing. After moving to the Virginia Beach area he was introduced to M.J. where he then helped began I RECOREDS INC. Whether performing in church or with the band, AyE PLUs continues to be a ambitious artists.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10

Guitar Player

Category: Miscellaneous
Jay is a young athletic man who plays the guitar and can spice up the audience with his love for music. As a member of this label he has a lot to offer.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 10