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My name is Madeline I'm a very reserved but adventurous young women who seeks thrill and knowledge everyday. Theres nothing better than learning new things about life, and yourself. Ever since I was a young girl I have always enjoyed singing... I was in choir in high school, got every solo I tried out for... If I could pick anything in the world to do for the rest of my life, it would be to sing. I also enjoy being active. I love to hike in the spring, no one should ever live without excersize.. it can be loads of fun! I go boating in the summer. Every summer you'll find me on the delta boating somewhere. Lost Isle, Ski Beach, Mandiville for July 4th was awesome.

I also love Vegas. The lights, shows, clubs, hotels, and fabulous resturants are worth every penny when you go. I just tried gambling for the first time just a month or so ago in Vegas.. and I enjoy the craps tables the most. (Would never get crazy with gambling tho, hehe)

I also love to paint, and draw. I love oil paints and pastles, shading.. realism. I love to draw people.. eyes.. expression. I think it's wonderful to create something beautiful for the world to see from your mind.

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Singing Brentwood, CA
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I love to sing everything, I've been told I'm very good! :o)
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