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MY NAME IS **ARi**.I graduated from dfhs in 2007. i am in college at winthrop university, mii major is athletic training and math...This year and last i have been through a lot of drama...(and it never ends)..i have a son(who i love to death) his name is braeden...i would describe myself to be a real person..i dont tell u wat u wanna her i tell u wat i feel...i hold mii tongue for nobody....a little bout me...i like to dance, chill wid mii fam & friends, make new friends,shop, spend money, sleep, listen to music( helps me calm down...nd it mii get away from mii probs), party, talk on the phone, uh....yea thats most of it...i love laughin a lot...okay i admit i have an attitude problem, i get mad easy(but i'm working on it),im nice,like listenin to people, i like gettin

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Singer Columbia, SC
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Category: Music
Singing is something i have been doin since i was little and this is something i would love to make a career in so...if you need a background singer,verse or hook done i will be more than happy to help you out or if your even looking for a female r&b artist
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