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Music has been my life sense i was a little kid. Its been around me my whole life and got me through some rough patches. I know that sounds stupid your probably thinking 'how can a 14 year old have rough patches?' but you'd be suprised how life can be sometimes. Joan Jett is my idol she's is the ultimate female rocker ever! I mean she was in the first all girl agressive rock 'n' roll band (The Runaways) and to have done that is incredible all be itself! Just adding on to that i mean shes had such an amazing career even after The Runaways shes just so unstopable. But anyways this is my bio not hers lol :) even though i could have wrote alot more on how i admire her but anyways.......

Something else ive always wanted to do is act. I always thought i definatly had the ability to do it because of how well i can percieve things and sort of know how a person would respond to things after knowing a little about them. As for someone i look up to in that department it would 100% be Angelina Jolie! She is so captivating in whatever she does and just really pulls you into a movie, Or just an interview for that matter lol. And once again im rambling about someone other than myself lol but ya im sure from what you just read you got the jist of me.

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Singer Ortonville, MI
Actress Ortonville, MI
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Playing Guitar, Singing, Listening to music,Video Games (wow that sounds nerdy for a hobbie lol), watch movie's that some of my favorite actors are in.......and yeah thats about it.
As for creating a band i would like the band to have that 80's rock sound to it. And for a band im obviously looking for the essentials lol a Guitarist
Bass player
and Drummer. Preferably i would like to make an all female band but you know if it happens it happens......
Leah M is located in Ortonville, MI and has the following skills: Singer, Actress
Music, Acting / Drama
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Category: Music
I love old rock 'n' roll like Joan Jett, Skid Row, Black Sabbath, and stuff like that. Thats the sound im looking to create. My voice sounds similar to Sebastian bach (Skid Row) when i sing. Which is kinda of strange because im a girl, but i guess thats what makes it unique....sort of lol. Music has been my life sense i was little its got me through rough times in my life and has always been the "person" i could lean on.

Music is my life, Music is my dream.
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I have not been in a band yet, as to why im searching to create one lol.
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Category: Acting / Drama
Ive loved acting sense i was little, which being a teenager i guess that would still be little but yeah anyways, ive always wanted to act its something i think i would be very skilled at because once i have an idea of how someone acts im very convincing.
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I havnt been in any sort of production yet but you know you gotta get started somewhere right? So thats where you come in :)
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