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my name is Andrew Frost. im 19, and i live in Holland Michigan. my entire life has been about making it big weather it be acting, singing, directing, Screen writing, writing, or comedy. im always writting songs and i have a huge drive to make it big so i can do my part in making the world a better place to live.

Profile Summary:
Singer Holland, MI
Screamer Holland, MI
Guitarist Holland, MI
Actor Holland, MI
My Skills


Category: Music
im a singer. ive got a great bass/baritone/tenor voice. i can sing anything from soft and slow stuff to hardcore metal stuff. i have over 250 pages of original lyrics i have written myself.
Relevant Education / Credentials
ive taken singing lessons over the years and stared in alot of plays and played and sang for a ton of bands.
Years Experience: 6


Category: Music
i can scream pretty much anything you want and ive been doing it for quite a while now. i have over 250 pages of lyrics i have written myself
Relevant Education / Credentials
been in quite a few metal bands
Years Experience: 5


Category: Music
I've been playing guitar for a bit. im okay at it, singing and playing at the same time is a little dificult but i can do it as long as its not crazy complicated
Relevant Education / Credentials
guitar lessons, general music lessons
Years Experience: 4


Category: Acting / Drama
ive been acting since i was about 9 so ive gotten pretty good. ive played roles like Daddy Warbucks in Annie, The Prince in Cinderella, Eeyore in The House At Pooh Corner etc. i can do comedy well, playing the villan is what im best at but im also good at the good guy as well. my dream roles are: Sweeny Todd, The Phantom, Christan (in Moulin Rouge), Collins or Mark in RENT
Relevant Education / Credentials
Acting classes and alot of stage time
Years Experience: 10