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well im fina be 17 june 16 ima fun person love to chill and easy to get along with im sweet smart and believe in mi team or whoever im with i have no doubt that maybe one day we will be at the top.

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Singer/Songwriter Memphis, TN
Acting Memphis, TN
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i sing because i love singing sence i was 5 and i love acting because im pretending to be someone im not ,and i like dancing because it brings monique nelson out lol
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i have work with my dad he has his own lawn service i have been looking for a job but i havent found one yet because im not 18 yet but i am trying cause im not that kinda person to sit up and do nothing for the rest of mi life so ill never give up
im homeschooled but hoply will graduate this summer
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monique nelson is located in Memphis, TN and has the following skills: Singer/Songwriter, Acting
Movies / Film, Music
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Category: Music
Hi my name is monique nelson i am 17 looking for singers but i only will choose one to sing with me i will have many girls sing to me but i will be the judge of who i am choosing . now who ever i may choose will come with me we will practice and reherese because next summer a record label will sign us .then we will begin the fame of any girls dream i pray in hope that what im saying comes to past but we will work hard this not a easy job!!! but if you ever wanted to be a pop n rnb singer or be on a movie or sing with chris brown ,beyonce , all the good stuff then this might just be your lucky chances to do so. this been my dream sence i was 5 years old this summer we will go to the studio in make a demo and post them on websites to earn fans and youtube this is a once in a life time lets make this happen im looking for a girl or women age 16-21 they must be able to leave there home next summer if not gradeuated your parents have to approve of you and someone who is serious to doing this i had one girl who claims this was her dream she never called or ask to practice she had some excuse so i had to let her go . but untill this summer we will have to practice over the phone for awile so we can get comfortable with eachother untill this summer then we can start going out places n performing cause mi mom once told me you aint go get what your looking for sitting up at home doing nothing i am a lil shy to sing in front of people but il get over that as long as i have someone with me thats into it as much as i am so what are you waiting for email me anytime/or text me at 901-338-7791 if this is what you want... i have pics of me so yall can see me so you knw who you are talking to lol oh and when you do text me ill give you my fax number so you can fax your infomation like telling about yourself why you like to sing and things like that this not no resume well its kinda is but not for a job i dont need your ssn or nothing personal information needed
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Years Experience: 10


Category: Movies / Film
looking for someone who knows how to act as well so maybe we can have our own show or play in movies
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Years Experience: 1