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I SING... and I SING.

I have some keyboard ability, I read music and sight read vocally and on the piano to a MUCH LESSER extent.

I have been trained to sing everything from Standards, showtunes, then suddenly ROCK AND ROLL came, and though my voice at that time was too "sweet" for the general girlband singer, I was able to rough it up while doing caberet acts and chanteuse gigs.

I don't look as young as THAT pic, but not much older, HAIR STILL RED, NO REAL WRINKLES.. just need some new TV QUALITY teeth in front instead of my OLD HOMESTEAD contingent that is at least present and in the color "scheme" of teeth.

I am a powerful personality, but I love to be part of a band. I love to bring others creative ideas to life.... but I have some I need brought to life for me in return.

I need a kindred bunch/a club (w/ or w/o badges, however we DON'T NEED NONE) and I want to sing like crazy almost all the time.

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singer/actress Eugene, OR
actor Eugene, OR
More About Me
I have been a professional actress my whole life, which while I had very good success in my early twenties became transplanted by the big buck and the show off circuit for waitress and dancer money. Nothing hard core, just frilly things.
I love to LEARN, I am in the process of summing myself up... or I am watching a god do that.
I am educated by the James Patrick Page school of "DO NOT BE A STUPID WANKER, THOUGH A WANKER YOU MAY BE" and....
I love to perform.....
Work Experience:
Resume on request. It weights forty
No, but my roles in theater ... you might not care.

I will give you the resume that will best guide you as to BEST USING ALL OF ME.
bachelor arts/ oakland university/ art history
minor: THEATER
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DawnMarie Sargent is located in Eugene, OR and has the following skills: singer/actress, actor
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Category: Music
I am like having the most skilled PIANO bar singer who never uses a cheat book but sings the GREAT ONES OF ROCK AND ROLL AND THE BLUES.
and I can belt/or croon
I can sit still or whip up a frenzy
I can touch the heart then tip over to a tension taming laugh.
I am the whole deal.. well I don't dance that well but I am funnier and more talented at the other skills than most.
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Years Experience: 45


Category: Music
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