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Michele Beauregard

My name is Michele Beauregard and I am the owner of The Innate In You, LLC. I always wanted to own my own business, but I did not know what type of business I wanted to own. It was not until I was introduced to Reiki that I realized I had found my career. I love this form of healing that I do as well as the fact that it allows me to stay home with my children. I am a proud mother of 2. I also love getting involved with the community as often as I can. I have donated time at the library. I have donated Reiki sessions to Relay for Life. I have donated hair to Locks of Love.

Profile Summary:
Shamballa Reiki Master Teacher Tilton, NH
Intuitive Reading Tilton, NH
Teacher of Shamballa Reiki Tilton, NH
Massage Therapist Tilton, NH
More About Me
I love reading. My family and I go to the local library once a week. I love swimming, going for walks and painting.
Work Experience:
I am a firm believer that you need to love what you do. For that reason alone, I have had many different types of job experiences. I have worked in the health insurance field. I have been a bus driver, limo driver, armored car driver. My last job prior to opening my business I have to say was by far the best. I worked for a chiropractic office and enjoyed every minute I was there. I also owe a lot of my success to the owner for he opened my mind to so many new ways of thinking. He always strived to show you can acheive anything as long as your heart is in it!
Goffstown Highschool
Franklin Pierce College - Associates in Accounting
Seacoast Career School - Massage Therapy
Organizations / Affilations:
Michele Beauregard is located in Tilton, NH and has the following skills: Shamballa Reiki Master Teacher, Intuitive Reading, Teacher of Shamballa Reiki, Massage Therapist
Therapy, Training, Health / Fitness
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My Skills

Shamballa Reiki Master Teacher

Category: Therapy
Shamballa Reiki is a hands on energy healing technique that allows the body to release on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels also known as the four body systems.

How does Shamballa work?
Shamballa moves energy through your four body systems to clear out any areas that may have energy blocks. These energy blocks cause your body to not function at its optimal level and can create physical pain. By removing the energy blocks in these areas you create a balance within the body. Shamballa works with the Chakra system. There are seven Chakras located in the body. By balancing each Chakra you essentially balance the entire body.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I received a certificate from my Master Teacher after completing the required courses and attunements for each level.
Years Experience: 10

Intuitive Reading

Category: Therapy
An Intuitive Reading gives an insight of what is happening in your life today. It also shows its effect on your future if the same path is followed continuously. Nothing is set in stone and each reading can differ from a previous reading.

How does the Intuitive Reading work?
There are six different decks of cards to choose from; Angel Cards, Fairy Cards, Nature Cards, Inspirational Cards, Shape Shifter Cards or Traditional Tarot Cards. All the cards will pick up on energy the same way and no one deck is better than another. The Intuitive Reading can also be done by holding a personal belonging such as ring, watch, pen etc… or even over the phone. The energy from the deck or the item is what the Intuitive Reading is based on. The energy is transferred from the individual to the cards that will be read by shuffling them. A personal item carries the energetic imprints of the individual and can simply be read.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Fine tuned my own innate psychic abilities.
Years Experience: 10

Teacher of Shamballa Reiki

Category: Training
Level I
•Level one is the Basic level.
•This level allows people to step into their own abilities.
•Once attuned to this level, people can work on themselves, their pets and family members.

Level II
•Level II is a Practitioners Level.
•Once attuned to this level, the person is able to work on others (outside of family and friends) and pursue their own business.

Level III
•Level III is the Master Level.
•This level allows you to attune others to a Level I as well as give healing attunements.
•A Level III Master can empower those who come to her/him for healing by initiating them into Level I.

Level IV
•Level IV is the final Level in Shamballa.
•This is the Master Teacher Level.
•On completion of this Level, the student will be able to perform their own workshops and classes in order to teach Shamballa to others.
Relevant Education / Credentials
I received a certificate from my Master Teacher after completing the required courses and attunements for each level.
Years Experience: 10

Massage Therapist

Category: Health / Fitness
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5