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I have 25 years of experience with Shaman skills in Winder, GA.
My education and credentials include Shaman, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Minister, Ph.D. in Systems Theory..

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Shaman Winder, GA
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It is important to remember that the shamanic concept of healing is profoundly different from that of western medicine. The western concept is to treat particular symptoms as they present themselves. This is done typically by removal of the offending organ or part; or through a biological intervention or chemical alteration of the body system.

Within the frame of shamanic healing, there is the concept of removing the karmic influences. The shaman works outside of time, and can bring healing to the past, the present or the future. When the karmic influences are resolved, there is always an accompanying understanding that the "spacesuit" we need for this planet (thanks Katchy) is not as important to us as we once thought it once was. We begin to live with the concept that we are not what we see in the mirror, we are what hovers over a broken body in a Near Death Experience. We are energetic, we are eternal.

As mankind begins more fully to understand the deep interconnectedness of everything they will begin to perceive more clearly, how their personal development effects all of mankind. And as they do, their behavior will align closer to the purpose of the universe.

Your first shamanic consultation may take as long as 2 hours. Subsequent consultations typically take around an hour. Regardless of how long you spend with your shaman, the work will continue in your luminous energy field from days to weeks beyond the session. But the effectiveness of the shamanic work depends largely on your desire.

An illumination is the removal of an imprint from your luminous energy field. it is the core treatment of some shamanic practice.

An extraction is the removal of foreign energy that has been trapped within your luminous energy field.

Soul Retrieval
A soul retrieval is the recovery of a fragmented part of your soul. most often caused by perceived traumatic events. Few people on earth do not have a part of their fragmented soul lost.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Shaman, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Minister, Ph.D. in Systems Theory.
Years Experience: 25