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Born and raised on the island of Oahu. Started my own business helping other people regain control over their money and investments.It is really a Win-Win Solution for everyone in the "Deal." All be receiving money on their end and all done for FREE.

"SIMPLE SOLUTIONS"- I Love my job, to know i can help a person gain cash now and save them from Foreclosure is truly a job worth doing. To realize that our economy is goin down so tragic is giving me a chance to help Sellers find a NEW Crop of a Market where i can help you find Top Potential Buyers Nationwide who are willing to pay out a Large Lump Sum of CASH! I am private owner of my business and I am eager to work with New clients everyday.

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Justin Weaver,Owner


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Seller Finance Note Finder Pearl City, HI
Real estate Investor Pearl City, HI
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Seller Finance Note Finder

Category: Real Estate / Property
If you or your clients wanted cash when you sold your property it’s not too late! I can get the cash you need right now instead of waiting years for the payments to come in.
As we all know, life is full of many surprises with payors that include: late payments, no payments, unexpected record keeping, IRS reporting, year-end accounting, calculating an extra payment - possibly even having to foreclose or deal with a bankruptcy.
Surprises in connection with privately financed trust deeds and mortgages can turn the dream of added income into a terrible headache or unexpected nightmare.
You can avoid these problems by selling your future payments for a lump sum of cash now instead of waiting for those payments to trickle in. I can help you get cash for privately held deed of trust, mortgage or land contract. Simple Solutions is dedicated to providing a unique service to individuals like you, who have sold property and are currently receiving monthly payments on a real estate contract. I work with buyers nationwide who are interested in purchasing monthly payments secured by real estate.
A typical transaction takes 21 to 45 days, provided there are no unusual circumstances. The typical closing procedure will include a credit evaluation on the note payor, a property appraisal and a title search. All of these costs are usually paid for by the note buyer.
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Real estate Investor

Category: Finance / Money
I help individuals who are looking to sell their "NOTES". I give these individuals a New option to sell and that's by SELLER FINANCING. Now there is No need to go to the bank asking for money that they are not willing to give you or your clients. The economy now days are so bad that it is hard to get a loan ANYWHERE. I work with Top potential Buyers Nationwide who will payout a LARGE LUMP SUM OF CASH for your clients "NOTES"(Letter Stating a Promise to Pay or a IOU). My service is FREE to you and your clients.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 1