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History records J. Pat Burleson as America's karate pioneer and "father" of all karate champions. Winning the 1st U.S. Karate Championship in 1964, his karate career actually began in Japan in 1957. He holds the highest American Taekwondo ranking under the "father" of American Taekwondo, Jhoon Rhee.

Mr. Burleson has featured stories about his achievements in local and U.S. news magazines, movies and TV. He is a movie and stunt actor with regular appearances on the C.B.S. television show, "Walker, Texas Ranger." He widely travels the world as a speaker and trainer. Currently, he is the special training and motivational coach for the Sac State football team.

His school (dojo) was not only a Dallas/Fort Worth pioneer that was established in 1959, but was one of the original karate schools founded in America, with over 250,000 graduates to date.

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Self Defense Training Hurst, TX
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You can achieve your goals at Legends Martial Arts. We offer a variety of specialized classes for both Adults and Children that may be just what you're looking for:

FOR ADULTS AND TEENS we offer classes in:

* A top-notch specially designed curriculum in American Karate that is second to none!
* Modern Arnis classes for practical weapon street self defense!
* Hung Gar Kung Fu - Authentic Hung Gar Tiger Crane Kung Fu as it has been passed down to through a direct lineage of masters from the Shaolin Temple.

LEGENDS CHILDREN'S CLASSES are specialized for ages 6-11

* Your child will learn Karate Life Skills - Focus, Respect & Self-Control & how to use them at home and at school
* Classes are structured, organized, and stress self-discipline
* Each child is challenged to achieve their individual best

LIL' LEGENDS classes designed for 3, 4 and 5 year olds!

*Fun and exciting classes that will teach your child discipline, listening skills and respect. This class is a must have for every parent of a pre-k age child!
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Legends Martial Arts is located in Hurst, TX and has the following skills: Self Defense Training
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Self Defense Training

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To provide family oriented martial arts programs in a 4000 square foot, state of the art facility, while offering the same high quality, low cost instruction in our multiple once a week satellite locations across the metroplex.

In order to accomplish this we:

* Own and operate a beautiful, full time facility located in Hurst, TX and offer karate classes for 3yr old students through senior citizen students!
* We personally train and certify our own instructors.
* Guarantee that our instructors are CPR trained with thorough background checks
* Provide our safe, satellite locations in schools, recreation centers and local YMCAs
* Offer a curriculum specially designed program to cater to the different abilities and aptitudes of adults, teens and children.
* Unlike most of the successful martial arts chains, we do not “give away” belts. Our belt advancement is demanding and rigorous, as to ensure the physical, mental and emotional growth that is necessary to earn the rank of Black Belt!
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