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Know Thyself- we are a brand new, all original band out of parkville MD.Some of our influences are, but not limeted to- pink floyd, rush, dave mathews , tesla, crosby still nash and young, america, jim crochee, simon and garfunkle.

now i know thats an odd aray of influences so let me explain. right now were have a drummer, a bass/keyboardist/singer and an acoustic guitarist/singer. so think lots of acoustic driven rythems and lots of although we are influenced by all of the above , we do not sound like any of them !!

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seeking lead guitarist for all original project Parkville, MD
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seeking lead guitarist for all original project

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our focus is on cutting an album in our own studio with in the next year and then seeing where we go from there .we have VERY pro equipment,our own practice space and our own studio... all we need is a 4th to join our" family"
we are looking a lead guitarist who understands roger waters concept of
" the spaces in between"
and its importance. we are not looking for a kirk hammet or steve vai flying up and down the neck at a million miles an hour. we are looking for someone with feeling , soul, and someone who knows how to play the RIGHT stuff and when to simply not play at all.

being able to sing back ups is a HUGE plus, but not nessasary.what IS nessasary is the following.
**realitive sobrity (a few beers here and there is fine, but we dont need any one with bad habits
**own equipment.meaning own guitar and processor at least.
**do not be butt ass ugly or FAT..sorry ...just being of our perks are the girls, and having someone who scares them off is not an option
***be able to comit to practice/record at least once a week
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Years Experience: 15