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I recently met a certain producer for the first time and, after talking with me for just five minutes, she described me as "unapologetic, smart, endearing and the right amount of goofy." I liked that so much I asked her if I could use it -- so, now I am! ... I'm also an experienced, produced (but non-union as of 1/7/09) screenwriter with several scripts in development. I'm on the verge of very big things out here in L.A. (Photo is from Sedona, Az., however, don't want to confuse you!) I've been writing movies in my head for 30 years, and actually writing them on my laptop and printing them out for 10 years. If you need a writer or a re-writer for your indie or studio script, I'm your guy! Please feel free to contact me at writtenbyzack@hotmail/com -- and check out the trailer and scenes from my movie "Jupiter Landing" (an ensemble dramedy) at

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Screenwriter Pasadena, CA
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sports, running and working out, punk rock and '80s music, astrology, metaphysics.
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Zack Van Eyck
83 N. Greenwood Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91107

Produced credit: “Jupiter Landing,” 2006, see or or

WGA-eligible but not a union member.

Bio: Zack has written 27 feature-length screenplays, three teleplays and 11 short scripts since 1999, and has won more than 50 screenplay contest awards. His first produced credit, "Jupiter Landing," was released on DVD in August 2006 and is available through Netflix. He has optioned three feature screenplays and sold six short scripts. His action/thriller "Shadow Killers" is slated for a spring 2009 shoot with High Integrity Productions of Los Angeles. His family comedy “The Topsy-Turvy World of Thomas Telford” is scheduled for production in summer 2009 with Feature Films for Families of Utah.

Contract work: Zack has completed six scripts on contract, including “The Devil’s Ranch,” sci-fi/suspense, based on a true story, for producer Ted Bonnitt (MAU MAU, SEX SEX) of Santa Monica, Ca.; “Debt or Alive,” drama, for director David Winkler (FINDING GRACELAND) of Los Angeles; and “Starseed,” sci-fi/drama, for Shekinah Light Films of Colorado.

Representation: Zack is currently seeking representation.

Availability: Zack is available for any screenwriting work. He is also an experienced director, actor and script supervisor.

Other: Before he began writing feature scripts, Zack wrote, produced and directed two award-winning cable television series in Eugene, Oregon: “Emerald City” (a comedy satire) and “Eugene’s Worst Team”( a docu-comedy). Zack also enjoyed a successful newspaper reporting and editing career with extensive experience in both news and sports, beginning at the age of 14 with The Anchorage Times and winning the Grantland Rice journalism scholarship to atten
Vanderbilt University/University of Oregon. B.S. double major in sociology and elementary education.
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Zack Van Eyck is located in Pasadena, CA and has the following skills: Screenwriter
Writing / Journalism
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Category: Writing / Journalism
I write (or re-write) feature-length screenplays on contract, for anyone -- anywhere.
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Produced credit "Jupiter Landing." I've written a total of 27 feature-length scripts as of 1/7/09.
Years Experience: 10