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Hi! My name is Jenna, I'm 18, and I live in Memphis. I graduated from high school in May 2008 and decided to take a year off before starting college. I will be starting in fall 2009. I live with my Dad, and am a long-term babysitter. I love doing anything with crafts, and am great at it! I spend a lot of my free time doing creative things.
I am very personable and love meeting new people! I'm always shy at first, but once you get to know me, I'm pretty outgoing.
I also clean houses part time to get some extra money. I love doing it because it gives me time to think about life and such while I'm doing it.
I'm a Christian, and I love God with everything in me, but I don't judge people who don't love Him. I am very accepting of any and everyone.
In conclusion, I am a hard worker. I may not be the fastest worker, but in the end whatever I'm doing is done well, so it's very worth the wait!

Profile Summary:
scrapbooking Memphis, TN
card-making Memphis, TN
Babysitter/Nanny Memphis, TN
House/Office Cleaner Memphis, TN
My Skills


Category: Art / Creative
I can take pictures that are just laying around and lay them out in a book that will be cherished forever, using different papers, ribbons, embellishments, stickers, etc. I can do full albums, or even just a single page that can be framed and given as a gift.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 3


Category: Art / Creative
I can make any size card for any occasion, any time of year. Why go to the store and buy a generic card, when you can get one that is unique to the person you are giving it to??
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2


Category: Childcare
I am able to watch children of any age for any amount of time. I can do light cooking and cleaning for you as well. I have been a preschool Sunday School teacher for about 6 years, and have been working with children in total for about 7 years. All through high school, my jobs were babysitting jobs. I love working with kids!
Relevant Education / Credentials
CPR trained (not certified, but would be willing to get certified if so desired) babysitter's ed. class
Years Experience: 7

House/Office Cleaner

Category: Home / Domestic
I am able to come in and clean your house or office. I am very detailed and try not to miss a single spot. I have no professional experience, but my grandmother taught me at an early age how to clean very well. I have all of my own supplies, and am willing to work with you to figure out a schedule that is best for you! Every day, once a week, once a month, whatever you need!
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 5