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I have been in the finance/debt elimination industry for 3 years now.
15 Years in the mortgage industry.Anti predatory lending, foreclosure defense, bank fraud, specialist.
I personally have had my share of financial and credit problems and have learned from them as well as having acquired knowledge through others. I have attended, completed and I am certified in several programs. I take pride in providing a total debt and/or finance solution. I deliver the promised solutions and results that I originally propose to my clients while keeping them informed of their situation and how market conditions affect them.
LOAN MODIFICATIONS have grown quite a bit in recent. I am here to tell you that they are improper and ILLEGAL. You can not modify something you do not own and the banks do not own the note of your mortgage. I’m very passionate about helping others with SAVING THEIR HOME, because I have direct experience and knowledge as to how it feels to be close to losing your home. Banks only care for one thing, THEIR PROFITS.
I show people how to purchase real estate by asking the right questions and making sure they get the right property and finance program.
Almost everyone has been programmed to shop for financing a certain way. There are a lot of variables in getting the right financing which most people are not even aware of. This is the number one reason why people end up in financial distress and are not able to keep up their debt payments and have their credit drop.
I show people how to legally, ethically and morally wipe out all their debts, including their mortgage in as little as 5 to 7 years WITHOUT credit counseling, debt negotiation or bankruptcy!
How to plan for their future, retirement, payoff their debt ahead of time and at the same time invest in themselves without spending extra money.
Bottom line is: you may not like what I may propose to you or it may be hard to hear the truth about your situation but that’s what you will get.

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HOMEOWNERS: Are you BURIED In debt? Jackson, NJ
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Sharing my wealth of knowledge in finance with others and helping people live a happier, stress free life.
I love to get thank yous from people I have helped. I love sports and spending time with my family knowing my quality of life has totally changed from years past.
732 439-8230
Work Experience:
I am a college graduate with a business degree, which I only used once to get my first serious job with AT&T.
I found out very early in my professional career that I was not cut out for a 9to5.
I ventured into multiple business ventures, and went bankrupt in the process.
I only to found out my calling when I discovered how to buy my first home with all the financial problems that I had.
After that I spent 12 years helping others obtain the American Dream of home ownership.
When I almost lost my home, on account that I bought a second one and could not sell the first one for two years. I discovered how to modify loans and helped myself save my home.
Since then I help others save their AMERICAN DREAM.
High School & College Graduate
Finance and Loan Consultant School
Debt Elimination and Loan Mitigation School
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Niko Alexopoulos is located in Jackson, NJ and has the following skills: SAVE YOUR HOME, HOMEOWNERS: Are you BURIED In debt?
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Category: Finance / Money
Here is what the program has to offer:

· Stop Foreclosure (30 days behind all the way to 15 days prior to sheriff’s sale)
· Adjustable Rate (Is your rate about to adjust to something you can not afford?)
· Cannot Refinance (Due to low credit or other circumstances)
· Behind on Mortgage Payments (It does not matter how many payments behind)
· Mortgage Payments to High
· Short Sale Help
· No Equity
· Upside Down on Property
· Reduce Principal (In some cases with some lenders reducing principal may be an option)
Homeowners that would like to SAVE THEIR HOMES! NATIONWIDE! 732 439-8230
Relevant Education / Credentials
Finance/Loan Modification Certification
Years Experience: 3


Category: Finance / Money
Wouldn’t you just LOVE to get rid of all your monthly bills? Let’s face it, when it comes to credit cards, most people are in W-A-A-Y over their heads, and simply have no way out! For instance, tell me if any of these sound familiar to you?
No matter HOW much money you’re making, you STILL just can’t seem to get ahead!
Does it seem like every time you’re about to get back on your feet, or come into some extra money, “something” unexpected, or some unplanned and inconvenient event comes up, that makes saving for anything meaningful, darn near impossible?
Or how about this one: you’d love to start putting away some money for your retirement, but no matter how disciplined you’re willing to be... you simply never seem to have anything left over! You can’t EVER seem to get a break!

And are you ALWAYS strapped for cash?

“Learn How to legally, ethically and morally wipe out ALL your debts, including your mortgage, in just 5-7 years, WITHOUT credit counseling, debt negotiation or bankruptcy!”
Homeowners that would like to SAVE THEIR HOMES! NATIONWIDE! 732 439-8230
Relevant Education / Credentials
Debt elimination certification
Years Experience: 3