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Karen Williams

I was a performing athelete in Ballet and Ballroom dancing. I was rolfed for alignment through fascia release, in which I experienced improvement immediately with ease of flow of movement throughout my body especially in my arms showing more gracefullness. I also experienced a confidence in the way I held my posture naturally and in the way I looked. I bring my knowledge of movement to anyone especially the athelete who needs to utilize their body more fully in order to perform at a peak level.
Serving the Orange County Area
Office in Laguna Hills
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949 813-9610
$250 75-95 Minutes

Profile Summary:
Rolfing, Dr. Ida P. Rolf/ The Rolf Method Laguna Niguel, CA
My Skills

Rolfing, Dr. Ida P. Rolf/ The Rolf Method

Category: Therapy
The structure is aligned through structural integration work with the Fascia being reoraganized so that the bones fall back in place with gravity
through 10 progressive sessions.
This work is great for Atheletes who need peak performance in their sport, those who have aches, pains, fibramyalgia, or those who lack the organization of a sound structure. Many elderly benefit from this work as well.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Certfied by GSI Boulder Colorado
Years Experience: 1