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Jaime Vendera

V\Pro vcal coach Jaime Vendera is most known for:
*Setting the world record for first documented singer to shatter glass by voice alone
* The Raise Your Voice three-book Vocal Training system
* Honorary MythBuster (dubbed by Adam Savage for his glass breaking record)
* Working with rock stars of bands such as Dream Theater and Thriving Ivory

Profile Summary:
Rockstar Vocal Coach Franklin Furnace, OH
Mindset Motivator Franklin Furnace, OH
Author development Franklin Furnace, OH
More About Me
Singing, writing, teaching
Work Experience:
Set a world record
Trained rock stars
Appeared on television shows around the world
Written six books
Organizations / Affilations:
The Voice Connection
The RockDoctors
Jaime Vendera is located in Franklin Furnace, OH and has the following skills: Rockstar Vocal Coach, Mindset Motivator, Author development
Religious / Spiritual, Music, Writing / Journalism
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Rockstar Vocal Coach

Category: Music
Want more vocal range, power, consistency and stamina? Look no further-World renowned glass shattering vocal coach Jaime Vendera is one of the most sought after coaches for voice strengthening on the planet. Jaime isn’t considered a typical voice teacher; He’s known as the “voice strengthening specialist” by professional singers and record companies alike. Singers who seek Jaime’s services all desire to obtain similar vocal goals including: more stamina for long sets and night after night of shows, range increase, added power, more projection, tips and tricks to eliminate vocal strain or vocal loss ways to improve vocal quality and tone and secrets to keep the voice in shape day after day.

Jaime has the answers to all of these questions. Not only does he teach his methods through private, phone & Internet lessons, as well as vocal seminars, but he also explains his “Voice Strengthening” secrets through his Raise Your Voice system; a three-book system consisting of Raise Your Voice, The Ultimate Breathing Workout & The Ultimate Vocal Workout Diary.

Does Jaime’s method work for increasing vocal range, power, stamina and quality? YES! The secrets that Jaime teaches in his Raise Your Voice series are the exact same principles he has used to turn his two octave range into six octaves/120 decibels of raw vocal power. He used these simple principles to set a world record by shattering his glass by the power of his voice alone as seen on the Discovery channel show MythBusters. Jaime has performed on television shows in the US, Europe and Japan demonstrating the power of his voice; each show requiring him to scream hours o end…without ever losing his voice! His books have been read, praised and endorsed by members and singers of bands such as, TNT, Nitro, Dream Theater, Journey, Saliva, Three Doors Down, Winger, Evanescence, Dokken, Stryper, Chevelle, Shinedown, Sevendust, Puddle Of Mudd, Kill Hannah, Godhead, The Rasmus, Machina, Avalon, Theory of a Deadman, Kill Hann
Relevant Education / Credentials
World record holder Author Celebrity voice coach
Years Experience: 12

Mindset Motivator

Category: Religious / Spiritual
Jaime Vendera is the author of Mindset:Programming Your Mind for Success; a program to help you establish and reach your guys, and unleash your creative thinking
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 2

Author development

Category: Writing / Journalism
Jaime has personally written six books and helped many other authors to develop their books ideas. he is a fluent writer of many subjects and can write for other magazine and help writers/authors unlock their writing potential.
Relevant Education / Credentials
Years Experience: 9