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Ashley Gregory

I have been cleaning ever since I was little. My parent's owned tons of property in California where we would clean the houses when people have moved out, or right before they would move in. I thank my parent's for teaching us how to be responsible, and make people happy with the work we have done. We not only did the cleaning, we did the yard work, built many fences, etc.

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Residential Cleaning Virginia Beach, VA
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Residential Cleaning

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Cinderella Cleaning Provides the following services:

All Rooms (bedrooms, dining rooms, hallways, foyer, etc) Include- Dusting baseboards, vents, lighting fixtures, furniture, window sills, all shelves, high to reach places,
fixtures on walls, ceiling fans, blinds and d├ęcor. All cobwebs will be removed, vacuum/sweep/mop all floors, carpets, stairs, and cloth furniture. All windows and glass
surfaces will be cleaned, and all wastebaskets will be emptied and a new trash bag will be put into the wastebasket. The whole house will be scented with a welcoming air
and carpet freshener.

All Bathrooms Include- Tubs and showers will be completely scrubber down, sinks cleaned, windows and mirrors wiped down with Windex/Glass cleaner, toilet from top to
bottom will be cleaned (i.e.: tank, seat, toilet bowl, base, and lid.) All cabinets will be wiped down with an all-purpose cleaner, and all floors will be cleaned.

Kitchen Includes- All cabinets, countertops, refrigerator, and microwave (inside and out) will be wiped down. All baseboards, wall fixtures, high to reach places, ceiling fans
and lighting fixtures will be dusted. All Stainless steel appliances such as, outside of the refrigerator, coffee pot, microwave, sink and faucet and cabinet knobs will be wiped
down with a stainless steel polish. Floors will be swept and mopped, and area rugs will be vacuumed.

Special Request:
If you have any special request please let us know before the scheduled cleaning. Rates may vary due to your special inquiries.

Rates may vary due to the size of the home or business. Please call today for a free estimate and get your home cleaned from top to bottom tomorrow!

We Offer:
One Time Occasions, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly, Move-in / Move-out.
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Years Experience: 15