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Category: Childcare
Hello! My name is Casey Matthews. I have my own business called RENT-A-DADDY!!! I make FATASTIC deals to fit your budget!! We can sit down and talk to see if you want a sitter every now and than or if you want a sitter full time and to see what you can afford...I can make weekely rates or daily rates...whatever best fits you! Are you tired of having to rush to work to take your child to daycare or to where the sitter is? Well the good thing about my business is the fact that I go to YOU!! Where ever you matter what!! I will take your child to the park, to swim, for a walk...or I'll even play video games with them ;) I do have a 9 month old daughter that will be acompanying me so your kids will have a play mate! I have reliable transportation and my ac works GREAT!! So when we do go somewhere like little field trips your child won't be too hot or too cold. I am only 23 years old but I have been watching kids for 8 years!!! So why should you let me watch your child you may ask!?! I am fantastic with kids, I absolutly love love love kids and to be honest they kinda love me too lol!! I also have tons of patience...even my wife says I have way to much patience lol :) so if you want an extremly fun, loving, generous, kind, patient person...than i'm your guy. You can call me at 281-806-6725, just remember, my rates are flexible!! YOU are number ONE :)

oh and by the way!! I also do house cleaning, cooking...did i mention i'm a FANTASTIC cook ;)...don't mean to brag lol...i will take out the errands for you for EXTREMLY cheap!!!
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baby sitting for 8 years
Years Experience: 8